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Raymondville, Texas

Raymondville, Texas

Sunday, January 31, 2010

December 21, 2009

Feliz Navidad everyone!

I can't believe it is coming so fast! We'll be talking on the phone in just 3 days. Yep I'm calling on Christmas Eve too! But only for like 5 minutes. Then we'll get an hour to talk on Christmas day. I cant wait!

This was a good week!!! And kinda crappy but mostly good. I had a mission changing experience, and some retarded ones. Ill start with my most retarded one. So we were on our bikes on Saturday, and like always, I was doing wheelies cus my companion is realllllllly slow. So I do one good one for a couple seconds, and come down. Then I go up to do another one, and I start to overrotate I guess, like I pulled to hard back. And cus my bike is so tall my feet barely even hit the ground when Im sitting on the seat, so I couldnt just put my feet down. I fell hard hahahh. I fell to my right and just ate crap. I barely even braced myself. I scrapped up my right elbow pretty bad and my hand is all cut up, then the next day I found this HUGE bruise on my inner left leg. It must have hit something on my bike. Im fine tho dont worry. Im a graceful faller haha. I laughed it off. I still do wheelies, so I guess I havnt learned my lesson yet haha.

Okay so church yesterday, or should I say Sunday Mass again! What the heck!?! He said it at the start and the finish yesterday, thats not good haha. Anyway, Michelle showed up with her kids which is awesome. This was her 3rd Sunday in a row, so she could be baptized, but Ill tell you why not yet later. For some reason (divine intervention) we didnt start Sacrament metting (aka mass) until like 9:07. This worked out so well cus Mari was running late. She showed up right when the first prayer was said!!! Crazy huh. If we wouldnt have started late she wouldnt be getting baptized next Sunday!!! Sacrament meeting was pretty good. Our retarded high council rep guy that is supposed to train and help our branch didnt show up, so the 4 of us elders had to speak. We talked about what Christmas is like away from our families haha. Sunday school was really good and I guess relief society was terrible! But our investigators liked it and the other elders had a baptism after so that was cool. I guess the water was freezing tho haha.

So about Michelle, she lives in Sebastian, which is like 10 miles away from Raymondville, so we only go out there 3 or 4 times a week. We didnt catch her at all until Friday night. So we go over the bap interview questions cus her interview was going to be saturday. She answers the first two questions awesomly, then we get to the thrid question which is about any serious crimes. So Elder Fowler is like, for example like have you killed anyone (mostly joking) and then shes like yea.... Im mean not really but I feel like I have, we're confused and really trippin now, we're like what? Yea I had a couple abortions... nooooo. But she can still get baptized, she just has to get interviewed by President Miller or the Stake Pres. She also might have a record, she used to be a bad girl. Shes awesome now tho. THe worst part hasnt even come yet tho. So we get to chastity, and shes like, well we're not actually married. WHAT!!!!!!!! We made the mistake of assuming, cus she talked about how they were fighting and thinking about getting a divorce, so we thought that meant they were married, but noooooooo. If you live together for 6 months in Texas, its called common  law marriage, which means youd still have to get a divorce, but you cant get baptized with that!!! So gay. But I think they might actually get married. They have 3 kids together so they should. So we'll so what happens with that.

Mari had her baptismal interview last night, she went into it thinking she wasnt ready, but she came out smiling, and she passed. I was so nervous. I was doing push ups cus I couldnt handle it hahaha. Im so excited for her. Shes awesome.

I got 2 packages this week :) I didnt open any of my presents yet dont worry haha. I sent my lame christmas presents out on friday, it should get ther by wed at tha latest. Howd you like the christmas card? I finally got a letter from JT! I havnt gotten one from him since I was in the MTC! Still love that kid tho.

Okay so my mission changing experience. On Wednesday,I was super frustrated with my companion. Hes just reallly really lame sometimes a lot of the time. We had house cleaning checks on Friday, so we decided to clean a lot of it on Wednesday for some reason. So we start cleaning and my comp goes in the room and shuts the door. We're scrubbin floors, taking out trash, cleaning the kitchen, all that stuff, and hes in the room, doing nothing. We're like Elder Fowler, its your job the clean the dishes, he basicly ignored us. So we kinda finished cleaning, and Im just sitting on the couch, fuming, Im so mad. My comp is just being retarded, hes like, im not washing the dishes. none of them are mine blah blah blah blah blah. So the thought comes to my head, Love you companion. Ive heard that so many times but I didnt want to do it. THen I think, how bad do you want to baptize someone this month? Bad enough to wash the stupid dishes? So I get up and start washing the dishes. This is about 45 minutes into lunch, and there were a ton of dishes. (We get an hour for lunch) So I start cleaning and my comp comes out from his nap and lays on the couch where I just was. So an like 45 minutes later, Im thinking to myself, I want my comp to either tell me we need to leave, or come help me so it goes faster. He didnt do either. I wanted to see if he wanted to work bad enough to tell me to leave, cus I always have to tell him. Long story short he didnt do crap, but I didnt say anything. We took a 2 hour lunch and I clean for most of it. I didnt even say anything but Elder Hernandez kinda went off on him. He was like, Elder Fowler, youve been here for two hours, why didnt you wash the dishes? He just made excuses. But I just tried to be as Chirstlike as possible and let him do his thing. I kinda went off on him in a way but in a good way. I made him realize that he was retarded basicly. But the moral of the story is that all our member present lessons worked out that day and we had 4! So be Chirslike and things are better.

Well I think thats about it. Ill talk to you on Friday. I think I just want to talk to the family. We don't get a ton of time. Love you all a ton!

Elder Given

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