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Raymondville, Texas

Raymondville, Texas

Sunday, January 31, 2010

November 23, 2009

Como estan?

So we had transfers this week. We just finished our first transfer, which means I'm not a greenie anymore haha. Transfers were wednesday, so we decided to go to Olive Garden for lunch after our district meeting in Harlingen. It was our all our disctict, Elder Horton, Hernandez, Brandley and me, and then Sisters Mangrigal, Osborn, Call, and Woods. So we're sitting there gossiping on what we think is going to happen for transfers and then Elder Hernandez's phone rings. Its the assistants to the President so we all start lauging cus we know what that means. It means that he got called as District Leader, so he's talking to them on the phone and we all try to figure out whats going to happen to my comp, Elder Horton. So Elder Hernandez confirms it after he hangs up and we all laugh cus he was shaking. He was super nervous about it but hes a great missionary. Then like 5 minutes later, our phone rings and its President Miller! So I give the phone to Elder Horton and he gets called as Zone Leader! So that means im getting a new comp. So I end up with Elder Fowler. Hes pretty cool. Hes been out for about a year and a half. Hes a really good guy. So now Elder Hernandez is our DL and Elder Horton is the ZL in Harlingen, so Ill still see him every Tuesday at district meeting.

So yea Elder Fowler has been out for a long time, his Spanish kinda sucks tho, which im acutally kinda stoked on that tho cus its making me learn a lot more.

I had a full conversation with this lady in Spanish and I didnt even reallly have to think about the spanish! so cool. Hes a good missionary and we are really going to work hard. I know we are going to see lots of success in Dec. We had 60 contacts our first full day together!!! Thats rediculous. Thats like 3 days worth in 1 day haha. i know if we keep working hard we'll find those who really are prepared. Oh yea and Im driving now. Basicly Im training him on the area and like leading and stuff. Pretty rare for a 2nd transfer missionary to do that but I guess the Lord knows that I know what im doing. Or I atleast know the area.

But besides all that the week was disappointing. We had 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 people at church again! IM SO FRUSTRATED WITH THESE LAZY PEOPLE!!! I love them but they just are lazy on sunday mornings. This one family promised us they'd go to our church a couple weeks ago, but then didnt go last week cus she didnt want to wake up. So we stop by yesterday at like 815 to see if they were going and awake, and they tell us to our face that they're going to another church! So annoying. And our 2 families who told us they wer 100% going FOR SURE, didnt show up. One of them was sick, and im not sure about the other yet. Im really hoping the Lord is just trying my faith and that next month we will fill up the chapel. Im definently not going to stop working, you know that for sure.

We're going to Brother Abbys house for Thangsgiving. Hes an awesome guy. Hopefully he'll have some college football on haha. Anything you want to send me would be really appreciated mom. I think the biggest thing I want is pictures. I love pictures. That letter that Cassidy sent me was awesome. I loved it and all the pics were way cool. Oh yea and for Christmas, I'm just givin you time, but it would be cool to have a mile tracker thing for my bike, like the one dad has, and a hair cutter thing. I learned how to cut my own hair. Elder Hernandez taught be :)That letter from Cassidy was awesome. I loved all the pics, more of those would be great. Thanks Cassiddy!!!

We had rain again this week. And it was the day we picked to be on our bikes haha. It was pretty fun riding around in the rain. Im weird but I love riding my bike. Im learning how to do wheelies. I can do it for a couple seconds now haha. I had two cool drug experience haha. This was like tuesday I think, me and elder horton were walking down the middle of the street, and there is a car, next to a fence with the door open and there is a girl in the car, a guy behind the fence and another guy inbetween them. So the guy in the middle says, like all loud, " so you want extasy or coke?" the girl in the car said something, then the guy in the middle goes to the guy at the fence ( the guy at the fence was like 70) and grabs the drugs and makes the exchange. Im like No Way! Right in front of us! THis is worse than Los Al hahahah. So like 5 minutes later when we were walking back we went and contacted the old drug dealer guy haha. So then yesterday, we were contacting again, and we see these two guys BBQin outside, so we walk up. As we get close the guy is like "Im just gonna tell you im smokin week right now so..." haha so we ended up talking to him for like 5 minutes, while he was smoking. We smelled like weed the rest of the night hahaha. Probably not good as a missionary but I thought it was funny.

Anyway it was a decent week. I can do 50 pushups in a row without stopping at all now. Im getting a lot stronger. Tyler is not going to be stronger or bigger than me when I get home! hahah. Well thats all I got ta say. I hope all is well and I cant wait to get letters this week. I wrote one to Ryan so hopefully it'll help him out. Tell him I love him.

Have a very HappyThanksgiving and Ill talk to you all next week!!!


Elder Given

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