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Raymondville, Texas

Raymondville, Texas

Sunday, January 31, 2010

December 7, 2009

Wow it was freezing this week!!! On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday it was soooo cold! It got down to like 36 on Friday! There was ice all over the houses that day. Hopefully snow will come around Christmas cus it started to heat back up again. It was crazy tho how cold it was. I wore my black suit for the first time in a while. I had on 2 pairs of socks, basketball shorts on under my slacks, a long sleeve shirt, and then my suit jacket haha. It was so cold, pretty crazy. People here are retarded when its cold. I got more doors slammed in my face this week than I have my whole mission hahah. Everyone is out of their comfort zone cus they are not used to how cold it is so they dont want to talk to us. We only had 92 contacts this week. Thats TERRRRIBBBLLEEEE! I blame my companion for a lot of it but Im just gonna step up and do everything I can this week.

Besides the freezing cold and the crappy contacting it was a pretty good week. I think I told you about Eric and Michelle Figueroa before. But anyway Michelle came to church with her 3 kids! Eric didnt come for some reason but Michelle is awesome. She has a couple friends there at church so that helps a lot. Her kids are so cute and liked church a lot too. Mari, are other lady who came to church last week, didnt come this week. I guess her son flipped out and didnt want to go :( But the 1st Presidency Christmas Devo was last night and she came to that :) Im still sad she missed church tho cus it was actually a pretty good sunday. The testimony meeting was really good and I felt the spirit a lot. I bore my testimony, in spanish, it was alright, my problem was that I didnt know what I wanted to say in English, so that made it even harder to do in Spanish hahah.

Oh yea and I got chewed out by the Branch President. He called me into his office before church and was like "Um who was here last night" Elder Fowler and I were there teaching music lessons. He was like well someone left the side door wide open. You guys need to make sure you are locking the doors blah blah blah he just went off haha. The thing is we didnt even go back to that part of the building so it was someone before us. He wasnt like pissed at me he just talked really loud and intense, but he always does that so I dont take it personaly. Hes a good guy, I just think its funny he chews out the missionaries when we are the only thing holding this branch together. Scratch that, its us and the spirit haha.

Okay heres the sad part of my letter. Derick is in jail. He was doing a crap load of Coke and went back to Angelas house at like 2 in the morning and started pounding on the door. He kept pounding and pounding, so Angela let him in cus she thought he would break the door down (he was high by the way) so he comes in and starts beating the crap out of Angela. Yelling at her and all this terrible stuff, almost killed her, but the Crystal, who is Dericks sister, but was staying with Angela at her house with her Boyfriend and 2 kids (she has a husband who is in jail tho so thats a whole other issue) anyway her boyfriend goes and pushes Derick off of Angela, Derick turns around and punches him, they exchange some blows, and then Derick broke a broom handle on his head! Shortly thereafter the cops came and took Derick away to jail, charged with 2 felony counts or however you say it. I have no idea whats gone on since, we were told not to even deal with it, leave it to President Ramos. I almost cried that morning when I talked to Angela on the phone. Im just not gonna talk about them anymore. I loved Derick so much and he just threw it all away. Elder Brandley read my a scripture a few days ago, basicly is says, when the devil is cast out of people he comes back pissed off and even harder. Thats basicly what happend to Derick and he couldnt handle it. Enough about them.

Mike Lopez. This guy is pretty awesome. Hes super ghetto tho too and he might have killed 2 people. Im not sure tho, we have to find out this week. He has two tear drop tatoos on his face which usually means that you've killed someone but im not sure. Anyway hes still and awesome guy and the only reason he wasnt at church is because he car broke down the night before, and his wife wouldnt let him get a ride cus she made him fix the car. He felt really good when he prayed about the BOM so now we just have to help him realize that that is the Holy Ghost and that he needs to act on it. I really think he is going to be baptized, if his past isnt too sketchy. Oh yea and his little daughter has a crush on me hahah. Shes like 5 or 6 and she draws like little hearts on papers and throws them at me and smiles hahahhaah. Maybe she'll get her dad to go to church.

Dad if you ever talk to Sister Galik, tell her im really good friends with her last companion, Sister Mandrigal. She is in my district and she is awesome. She leaves in a couple weeks tho. The 21 I think, so she can be home for Christmas, the crazy thing is tho, her dad is the mission Prez in Panama so shes just gonna go be a missionary there for another 6 months hahah. Shes a really awesome missionary. Tell Sister Galik she says hi.

Wednesday was one of my favorite days on my mission. Me and Elder Brandley went on splits together. We have been together since day one in the MTC so its pretty awesome that we got to be comps for the day. We did work that day. We were in his area, on bikes, and we had like 4 lessons, 5 new investigators, set to Bap Dates, and had like 20 somethin contacts. We worked hard. I wish we could be comps. My comp is so lazy. He complains about being fat all the time but he wont do anything about it. He doesnt work out and he says hes going to eat healthy, but then he just eats his crappy food and the mooches our good food off of us. The other day he was like, I need to find a good cardio exercise, just not running cus I hate running. Im like, well you can use my jump rope if you want. Hes like no that hurts my back. I guess I got annoyed by that cus then I was like well then just ride your bike faster so you actually break a sweat so that you can be in shape! Seriously tho he rides sooooo slow. Dad youre right I will be able to do wheelie all over the street haha. And Im not actually senior comp, he is, he just has to be told what to do all the time. He used to do all kinds of illegal crap on his mission. He used to go to the movies and stuff. Hes seen a bunch, no wonder his numbers have sucked his whole mission. Hes trying to change tho, he just cant leave on time to save his life. I swear we leave 30 minutes late every day. I hate wasting time. Im just going to keep praying for charity. He had surgery on his ingrown toe this week so hes been complaining about that all week. I really dont think its even that bad cus he'll run to go get his guitar, but when we're contacting he complains about it. If he cared as much about playing his stupid guitar as he did about leaving on time, we would be able to do so much more work.

Tell thank you to Aunt Mary and Aunt Tootie for the hair cutters that they sent me! I already used them and they worked really good :) Mom should I buy a christmas present for all the kids or what? Its your money so tell me how much you want me to spend. Im gonna print christmas cards today and send them out. Its gonna cost like $40 for the cards and the stamps combined I think.

We went to church on Saturday. The 7th Day Adventist Church! hahah one of Elder Hernandez and Brandleys investigators invited them so all four of us went. It was really interesting and there wasnt any falst doctrine preached, just the fact that we were there on saturday. It was funny tho cus they had this Spanish preacher guy come in and he was all intense and rolled his Rs really gnarly like and then the guy that was translating to English would try to copy his intensity. It was really corny. Basicly the guy taught 1 princliple for like 40 minutes. It was lame. My favorite part tho was there fellowshiping. If we had the kind of fellowshipping they had, we would not have nearly as many less active. Everyone in the congregation came and talked to us and asked us to stay for lunch. It was crazy. Id probably go there if I didnt have the truth in my life. Oh yea and they have a bunch of black people!!! Like half the congregation! I didnt know there were that many black people in this town haha.

I got some good letters this week. I got one from Jack! That was cool, and I finally got one from Dylan. It took over a month to get here! Got another nice letter from Cassidy. IS Tyler ever going to write me? Tawny sent me a stinkin long letter. It was pretty awesome. Im still working on writing her back haha. I started cooking more creativly this week! I bought some ground beef and some bacon and made some bomb hamburgers and some bacon. And I make Cinnamon Roles twice a week and eat all 8 of them in like 5 minutes. Its like being at home when mom makes them, but without the competition haha. I've become a smart shopper. I can buy basicly everything I want, and never be hungry, and do it for about 30 dollars. Last week I spent $31 and got 19 items hahah. Ive been eating well. I think I officially like beans now. I had them last night and didnt even think while I was eating them, at least with a tortilla, Ive never had them without a tortilla so who knows. I havn't had to eat anything that was bad yet so Im surviving

Well I think thats about it. I can't wait until Christmas this year. Its gonna be really weird but fun to be able to talk to everyone! I hope everyone is doing well and is happy. Can Tyler dunk yet? Oh yea Jack told me he was throwing down before he got hurt. Is that true? Alirght well I cant wait to hear back from you guys. Nos vemos en augosto de 2011!

Con Amor

Elder Given

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