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Raymondville, Texas

Raymondville, Texas

Sunday, January 31, 2010

November 16, 2009

Hows everyone doing?

Life is pretty good here in Texas. We had a great baptism yesterday for this couple, Claudio and Ruth who the other Elders have been teaching. The members were really supportive and gave some really good talks.

They are really starting to understand what baptisms are supposed to be like. We have English classes every Tuesday night that Elder Horton and I teach and Claudio and Ruth were there along with another couple in our branch, the Lopez family. It was so great how they bonded and made friends cus I know thats whats gonna keep Claudio and Ruth in the church.

So Derick and Angelas wedding was interesting. We go to help some of the members set up at like 11-12 and it was looking kinda decent. Then we came back at like 4 to drop off some food after they had finished decorating and they made the chapel look really good! I was very impressed with the members and how hard they worked. THen the weeding comes at 7. It was just an awkward wedding. Presient Ramos just like read what he was supposed to out of the book. All crappy. Spead through it and the wedding was done by like 720 haha. Derick and Angela were so happy though. So then Derick gets baptized and we eat. It was seriously so fast but it was such a good night. I love those two and they've been doing great with the exception of one day.

So we have this new family that we've been teaching and they are pretty cool. They actually have been reading the BOM and enjoying it and were going to come to church but for some reason they didnt. Oh yea we had 00000000000000 people at church again. Im reallyy annoyed about that but whatever. Anyway we showed up at their house the other night with some members from our branch and I see Eric standing outside, like trippin out. So I go up to him and im like what up Eric? Then he sees its me and hes like oh cool its you guys, and then I realize that hes holding a gun. So then he tells me about how someone was shooting at his house right before we got there! Crazy. I guess some local gang is trying to mess with him cus he used to live in the other town like 5 miles away and Im guessing he was in a gang. But hes out now and has kids and he doesnt even know these people. So we taught him, hes a good guy. We're going back tomorrow and hopefully they'll be at church this week so they can be baptized on DEC 6th!

We had kinda another cool experience this week. It was like Wednesday morning and I was looking through the area book at some Former Investigatros. Im looking at this paper about a guy who has been to church like 5 times, but never got baptized, hasnt talked to missionaries for like a year tho. So Im like yea we gotta go by him, maybe hes ready now! Elder Horton didnt really want to but he was hoping that the spirit was directing me in this decision, which we'll find out later that it totally was. So we go to try to find this guy and he isnt there. So we go contact this street and we teach this guy. His buddy shows up half way through the lesson and he tells us to come to his house the next day on another street. So the next day we go over to his house when he tells us to and he isnt there. So we contact this street, and we find who we were lead to. This guy grew up in the church, hes like 21 and has been inactive for 2 years. Basicly he got a girl pregnant so he stopped going to church. Anyway he was really nice and Elder Horton told me the members have been looking for him for like a year and havnt been able to find him. So basicly the Lord lead us to him cus the way we found him was so random and so unplanned that it had to have been the Lord. So I think we're gonna take this guy out to lessons with us and stuff. Hopefully get him back to church. Ill let you know how it progresses.

Theres this other girl we've been teaching and I honestly think she knows our church is true but shes scared. So we have this lesson and basicly tell her that she knows it true and that she needs to do something about it. Something we said hit her, Im not sure if it was in a good way or a reallly bad way but she stopped talking. Like the last 15 minutes of the lesson she didnt talk at all, and this girl always talks! She kinda reminds me of Tawny, she just a cool girl. She didnt even say goodbye to us tho! So I think we're going back either tomorrow or Wednesday to see if she'll talk to us now. Pretty funny tho.

Theres this other old guy who we were teaching named Terry. He says he doesnt have a religion cus none of them do it exactly right. So we told him hes found the perfect religion, Gods! Basicly he said he'd read the BOM but decided to go to the internet instead and found some stuff he didnt like. We go back and explain what he found and give him some more to read. Then the next day he gives us a call and is just like, "Um hey could you guys come pick up your book please" So we go and he gives back the BOM and doesnt really want to talk to us. In the BOM are these papers. He printed off all this anti mormon stuff, one about the Meadows Masacer or whatev and the other one, which is my favorite: How to help a Mormon believe in Christ. ahhahahaha. I thought it was really ironic since our purpose as missionaries is To invite others to come unto Christ... It made me laugh pretty hard. So the next day we go back, even though he told us not to anymore, and try to give him an Ensign with Christ on the cover and its all the apostles sharing their testimony of Christ. He wouldnt take it though. Im glad Im able to laugh at stupidity like that haha.

The JWs stopped at our door the other day. I opened the door and smiled and said, how you doing? They looked up at me, said something in Spanish, so I was like como estan? They looked at me again all frightened and just handed me some paper and walked away. Haha what kind of missionary is that! Speaking of that Ive got a funny story. We were on our bikes 2 nights ago, and we stopped at this light and there was a cop at the stop light with his window down. So I decide I want to contact him so I do. I just rode over there, asked how he was doing and gave him a pass along card! It was pretty funny, I more did it just to do it haha.

Hows dance going for the girls? I bet its a ton of fun. Guess what? Im learing how to play the piano again. We teach piano lessons every Tuesday night so I practice a little then but whenever my comp has to interview someone or whenever Im bored, if theres a piano there I go play it. I can almost play a whole him with both hands again! I figure 1 hymn a transfer and I'll be able to play pretty decently when I get home!

Dad I have no idea what Spiritual Crockidles is haha. Happy Birthday tho! Im putting a card in the mail for you hopefully today, but if not tomorrow. Thanks for Jacks address. Im gonna write him soon. I told Tyler a bunch of people I wanted addresses for so hopefully he gets them soon. Well I think thats about it. I hope all is well. Oh yea send me some pics soon! I love you guys. Say hi to everyone for me. All is well in Ray-Town


Elder Given

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