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Raymondville, Texas

Raymondville, Texas

Monday, February 1, 2010

January 4, 2010

Hola Everybody,

Happy New Year and Yea I’m still in Raymondville!!! It was almost the best case sinario. I got a new comp, Elder Hernandez stayed, but Elder Brandley is gone :( Hes gonna do really well tho in his new area, hes white washing. My new comp is Elder Guillen (you pronounce is Geeyen). Hes from El Salvador origionaly. He only lived there till he was 5 tho. Hes way cool. So he was origionaly called to serve in Washington, Spanish speaking, but after 9 months he had to come home cus he was sick, he just like never got better I guess, so he was home for 7 months and then came here. Only a transfer ahead of me. So Ive been out on a mission longer than him this time counting the MTC haha. But hes an awesome guy, we get along great. We're always laughing and stuff. Check this out, we had 191 contacts this week, we usually go for 140 haha.

Mari didnt get baptized yeterday :( Basicly she was nervous and avoided us all day Saturday and Sunday morning. We finally got ahold of her sunday during 3rd hour. She is gonna get baptized this Sunday tho, we just need to have daily reading with her. Oh yea and she want me to baptize her :) So that family that I was telling you about last week that came to church came to church again :) They're way cool. We went over later last night and we were teaching them and Joe was like, well my wife thinks she was baptized in your guys church when she was in junior high. So we looked her up on the computer after that and sure enough, she was! Pretty funny, so now we just have to get them married and then baptized. They really want to get married so it works out pretty good. Theyre awesome so far, I hope they keep stayin awesome.

So how was that 24 hr BOM reading thing? Sounds way cool. Wish we would have done it. I'm gonna write Cassidy back today. Tyler how'd you lose to Woodbridge? They suck! haha just dont lose in leauge thats all that matters. Go undefeated. Really sad to hear about Michelle Carlton, shes not suffering any more tho. Thats so crazy that Laci is married. Anybody else my age got engaged yet? New years was alright. We went out to Harlingen to the Senior Missionaries house. I dont think of them as senior missionaries tho cus theyre so cool. We screwed around. I talked to Sister Fefita for a while. Shes way cool. Did you know she is the Violetties cousin? Pretty cool. Mom dont get your hopes up for Mothers day. It will be the same. 45 Minutes. the only way it could be different is if I use a members phone, but we'll see. I doubt Ill use skype.

Oh yea I just remembered. whos that huge black kid on Tylers team? And is that giant freshman any good? how tall is he? Guess what. Im about to play basketball today! Yea we're going out to Harlingen to play. Im so excited. Im gonna dunk on people.

Dont get scared but somebody got shot in Raymondville 2 days ago haha. I guesss what happend was he was beating his wife and came out with a bat and a BB gun and the cops shot him 3 times in the chest. pretty crazy. He was mike lopez's uncles brother in law

Well thats about it in Raymondville. It was an awesome week. Cant wait to get some letters from my friends soon. Love you guys a ton!

Con Amor

Elder Given

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