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Raymondville, Texas

Raymondville, Texas

Sunday, January 31, 2010

December 16, 2009

Hi Family!

I hope nobody freaked out on Monday cus I didnt email. The internet was down at the Library so we couldnt do it, then yesterday we didnt have a lot of time so we just postponed it until now.

We had a pretty awesome week last week. Church was pretty cool even tho the first words Pres Ramos said in Sacrament were "Welcome to Sunday Mass everyone..." hahahah so we're Catholic now? hahaha. I just laughed, hes getting better, he just has a few kinks to work out. We ended up with only 2 investigators at church but it was Michelle again and her son Derick and her daughter Hallie. They are such cute little kids, I really think Michelle and Derick are gonna get baptized(Hallie is only 6) They are so awesome and theyve been to church twice already. Our other awesome investigators are Mari and Mike Lopez. Mari didnt come to church cus she had a bad dream Sat night, and thought it was the Book of Mormon cus she read it right before she went to sleep. So we went over Sunday night and basicly destroyed her fear and doubt, so now shes way solid again. Shes gonna get baptized.

We went over to Mikes house Sunday night too and when we got there he was playing video games with his cousin and blasting super ghetto music and stuff. So they finished their games. There was basicly no spirit in the home. Then we put in "finding faith in Christ" and when that was over the spirit was so strong in the home. There whole family was the Mike, his wife Julie, his parents and his 3 kids, all sat down and watched it with us. We had a really powerful lesson and commited them all to be at church next Sunday. They agreed and things were great.

Then we went by last night, and everything had blown apart. We dont really know whats going on exactly, but Mike and his wife are having problems, Mike is really making good steps at repenting tho, he comited so strongly to live the Word of Wisdom a few nights ago. All we can do now is pray and hope things work out with them. Oh yea and we found out that theyve beeb together for 7 years and arent married! They have 3 kids, but only one of them is really theres, the older two are from Julies previous marriage, BUT SHES STILL MARIED TO HIM! So Mike cant get baptized til they work all this out, Julie has to get divorced and then they have to get maried. Not looking great but we're praying for a miracle. Does this story remind you of anyone? Derick and Angela? yea. Thats the only reason why I dont like it.

Angela was at church sunday tho so thats good. WE dont really worry about them anymore, we gave it to the branch basicly.

Okay and y'all dont need to worry bout me. Im gonna be safe. I know a lot of people are scared that I might get hurt or something, but we're smart and even the most ghetto crazy people here like us. But tell Grammy Barbie and Papa thanks for the second package! I got it right after I sent out my thank you letter for the first one. The warm clothes they sent are awesome! Ive been wearing them a lot, right now actually!

I sent out Christmas cards this week. You probably have them by now. I've sent out about 37 so I have only 3 left. Hope you all like them! Mom I got our family one, I like it a lot. Kinda immodest for a missionary tho hahhah. I really liked the random letter from Chris and Liz. Could somebody try to get me her address so I can write her. Actually Tyler next time your at the Bakkers just check out what # it is and write it in your phone, and then email it to me before monday. Or text auddy and have him tell you. Chill thanks. What happened to all those other addresses I asked you to get? I got awesome letters from Tyler and Cassidy this week. Sounds like Tyler is doing amazing in bball! Your team is awesome, keep working hard. Dont lose another game this season!

So Mom how much are you teaching at Los Al? Do you have like a long term sub job or something? Do you know what school Shaun Norum is at? Oh yea and who did Laundry dunk on? What school does he play at (not Laundry the other guy) and what kind of stats is Laundry putting up this year? The Varsity team played Mater Dei!!! No way I wish we could have played them last year! Too bad they lost tho.

Piano lessons were crazy this week! I had to teach Michelle's two kids, and then Mari's son and her neice and newphen. I taught 5 kids how to play 2 songs on the piano! It was sooooo stressful. They were from the all from the age 6-8 and I taught them how to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and part of Jingle Bells. It made there moms happy so thats all that matters.

We had an awesome Zone Confrence in Mcallen this week. It was a special Christmas one so it was more missionaries. It was so awesome. I got to see all my old budies from the MTC like Elder Yergensen and Sibbet. They are both doing really well. Yergensens comp is an idiot tho. Hes been calling someone in the middle of the night and talking to them, and I guess he got CHEWED OUT by pres miller in his last interview. Pretty sad but theyre doing well now. We found an awesome new investigator this week. She lives right across from Mari, her name is Estela. Shes gonna get baptized next month. Her real test tho will be to see if she is at church this sunday. I think she will be.

Well I think thats about it. We worked super hard last week and are going to work even harder this week. My companion is really annoying me but Im just praying that I can love him more. I really hope I get transfered in 2 weeks but I know Im not going to now because I want to haha. I think Elder Brandley is going to leave and Elder Hernandez is going to train again and Elder FOwler and me will stay. Thats my guess.

Alright well I love you guys. Christmas is in 9 day!!!!!!!


Elder Given

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