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Raymondville, Texas

Raymondville, Texas

Monday, February 1, 2010

January 20, 2010

January 20, 2010

Hi Family,

The library was closed for MLK day so that was lame. I'm already really low on time but I'll try to get everything in. Got the pictures and the letters. Loved it. Sounds like you guys are having a lot of fun. Its funny cus I sent out letters to all the kids the same day I got the package. Anyway Basketball sounds like a lot of fun. Dad I laughed at your letter, the part about Tim sucking it up but then draining 9 3s. He does that. He probably had crappy games away and then went of at Los Al. I stoked for Camerons dunk, I love that Kid. I already know what play they ran to get James the lob. Carolina, they tried running it for me, worked in practice. Im glad Boswell got hurt, he's really annoying and cocky. I just dont like Edison haha. Whats the deal with Dylan? He seems way happy in our emails, what kind of stuff is he going through. I feel so out of the loop haha.

The weather has been nice the last 2 days. Like 75-80. I hope it stays like this for a while. Church was awesome this week. The Quintero family all came. thats Joe and his wife Veronica (who is a member) and then their 5 kids, Joe Joe, Ana, Maria(?) Lezy and Diego, and then Veronicas sister Yesenia and brother Kurt. Joe, Joe Joe, and Ana already had their bap interviews last night and are ready to go, Kurts and Yesenias will be on Saturday. I would say Kurt will most likely get baptized and Yesenia is like a 70% chance. Shes knows its right shes just not ready. But they are so so so cool. Im in Raymondville for them. I had such a strong feeling that we had to go to their house the first time we taught them, and we just clicked. Joe wants me to baptize him, which Im really excited about. Maybe the kids too, not sure yet. So they will be getting married this Friday (already got the license) and then baptized Sunday inbetween and Spanish and English sessions of stake confrence.

Mari has been annoying lately. She doesnt want to do anything anymore. Idk whats gonna happen with her. Heres a funny stroy about your not so smart son, and being realy really really lucky. So on the 9th we were driving out to Sebastion, and I decided I wanted to drive a little fast for some reason, not gonna say how fast I was going but I got pulled over and got a ticket. On the ticket it says I need to go to court in front of the judge Juan Salinas Jr. Juan Salinas is one of our investigators who we had just set a bap date with earlier that week! So I feel lame, but after our lesson last saturday night I told him about the ticket and he told me to call him Tuesday morning about it. So I called him, he asks me what day I got the ticket on and then says, okay well dont worry about it anymore, its gone. Yea!!! Im so lucky. The Lord provides a way. Ive repented and dont drive fast anymore. Hahah

Hopefully we'll be getting a 1000 lb tie bail this week or next week!!! Im so excited! Its only gonna be 25 bucks for 4 of us. Thats 25 total! How legit is that! so hopefully I'll be sending a box full of sweet ties home soon. Oh yea and I bought this Creatine stuff at Walmart. Its kinda like proteain but helps you gain weight and get stronger. I was talking to Elder Yergensen about it at zone confrence. It was only 15 bucks and will last like 3 weeks. We'll see if it does anything.

Okay well Im totally out of time. I'll add more to my email next Monday cus we dont have a lot of time today. But mom dont worry, Im not Homesick at all. I'm happy to say I haven't been hit with anything yet so I'm glad. Hopefully I wont ever have to. Cassidy, I'll write you back this week. Tyler keep working hard and send me a letter haha. I love you guys a ton and love hearing from you.


Elder Given

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