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Raymondville, Texas

Raymondville, Texas

Monday, May 3, 2010

Training a New Missionary!

May 3, 2010

Hi Family!!

Well transfers are tomorrow and we waited till we found out about what was going on till we emailed. Im staying and Valdez is leaving. Best case scenario. President definently prepared me to train this transfer by putting me with him. So I am getting a brand new missionary tomorrow which is kinda crazy. I got a lot of responsiblity now, I just gotta keep doing what Im doing I guess and just be a good example. I hope Valdez gets put with a good comp so he can stay positive. Man that kid was tough though, hardest transfer of my life. I wanted to crack so many times but Im glad I didnt. Oh yea and Elder Hernandez who I lived with in Raymondille for 3 transfers is coming down and gonna be in my district which is cool.

I dont think I got your letters yet, just one from dad and one from Grammy Maddy. Im way way way behind on my letter writing cus I am trying to finish the BOM in spanish. Im gonna finish on fri or sat! Im in 3 Nefi 25 right now! Im super stoked and my Spanish has improved dramaticly, I have no doubt I'll be basicly fluent by the end of this transfer, especially cus I'll have to be teaching a lot of the lesson.

Don't complain about the cold weather, its startin to cook here. Its been in the 90s all weekend. Im gonna melt this summer. Thats super cool that Tyler gets to baptize Sydney. Do we have any pics from when I baptized Kallie? If we do could you send me some cus for some reason I cant remember that experience happening.

I dont know the details about calling yet. Im guessing we'll get to call Sat night and tell you what time we're going to call on Sunday, but also, we are eating dinner with a super cool old lady on Sunday at like 1 our time and Im pretty sure she is going to let us use her phone so we can call so I might get like 20 minutes or so then so that will be cool, and then I think we are going to borrow a members phone so I can call for longer, dont know the details yet but I'll let you know ASAP.

We had a hilarious experience on Saturday. So I was sittin in my room, readin my spanish BOM, and I hear someone knock on the door, and then Elder Valdez opened it and some guy starts talking in spanish and valdez comes and runs to me and says hes a Jehovah's Witness. So I run and throw on my sweatshirt (so now I kinda look like a normal person) and I go to the door and start talking to him and asking him questions and stuff. Like he handed me a pamphlet that said "Where is God" but in spanish, and Im like well where is the church of God? And he starts going off about the Bible and about how Jesus has short hair and Chrtistains are wrong and all this crazy stuff. So then I hear our back door shut really loud and then like 30 seconds later Elder Holden and Elder Sibbett come around the corner in their missionary clothes hahaha. So Im preteneding to be a normal person and the other elders start talking to the JW, it was hilarious. Basicly what ended up happening was the JW ignored me and tried to bash with them and when into all their crazy doctrine. It was hilarious, I got a good laugh out of it.

So Christian and Rubin, our "gangstas" came to church yesterday, which was cool. They can get baptized now, we just gotta get them living the commandments and interviewed. Theyre cool kids, I hope they have the desire to live the commandments.

Cool that Garrett is leaving soon, hes gonna do great. Are Kyles papers in yet? They should be hear pretty soon. Wow thats crazy that Kasey and Sam come hom this summer, thats super fast. Im already about at 9 months, que loco. For real tho I love it out here and I wouldnt trade it for anything. Tyler and Hagen you are going on missions, I dont care what you say.

I love you all a lot and cant wait to talk to you this week!


elDeR GiVEn

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